Daniels Performance provides Dynoware RT upgrade service.

With several new Dynoware RT hardware installations under our belts, including the dynos at Harley Davidson University, Russ and I have worked out the kinks to ensure these upgrades go as smoothly as possible.
We have put together procedures that’ll get your upgrade done easily and successfully, and of course we’ll show your techs how to use the new hardware and software as well.
Because we work so closely with Dynojet, they’re providing us with spare parts in case something is damaged in shipping. They’ll also be available for personal technical support, so any potential hiccups can be handled right away.

A Dynojet-approved Dyno Tech/Instructor will come to your shop and help install the dyno upgrades you buy from Dynojet.

We will show your tech how to work on your Dyno, and then train your techs how to use the new hardware/software
  • 2 days at your shop. $3,500, includes travel and all other trainer expenses (Does NOT include hardware) 
  • We will train your techs how to use the new hardware/software.
  • We will install the new Dynoware RT hardware and Power Core Software
  • We will evaluate your set up and make recommendations to make it better
To hire us to come upgrade your Dynojet dynamometer, just follow these easy steps.
  1. Contact Dynojet and order your upgrade. It takes some time for it to be processed and sent to you
  2. Fill out This Form and wait for us to return your email.
The day we arrive and the whole time we are at your dealership we will need the following
  • Dyno computer must meet Dynojet's Requirements
  • Your dyno's electrical plug must meet the new hardware requirements
  • Your IT/Computer guy needs to be on site and available to us
  • Have one or two bikes we can run on the dyno for testing and training
  • Dyno computer must be connected to the Internet
  • Your dyno's electrical plug must be installed and wired correctly
  • One of your techs available to help with the upgrade