Specializing in calibration training for Electronic Fuel Injected Harley-Davidson® motorcycles on Dynojet chassis Dynamometers 

Techs will receive hands-on training on Dynojet Dynamometers, featuring Dynoware RT Power Core/WinPEP8, at WyoTech’s state-of-the-art facility in Ormond Beach FL, near Daytona Beach.
Techs will learn all the aspects of the Power Vision Software as well as the ultra fast auto tuning and all important manual editing including MAP bias.

This Power Vision class offers more hands on dyno time than the classes held at Dynojet.

Classes will be held in WyoTech’s recently upgraded dyno facility, featuring Dynojet’s latest Dynoware RT and the new Power Core software suite.

Want to take our Power Vision class at WyoTech? Fill out the application for below
Upon approval of your application you will be sent an invoice for $1000 for a 4 day class and $750 for a 3 day class.
The invoice must be paid before class starts.
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Power Vision Class at WyoTech are solely managed and trained by Dyno Training LLC/Daniels Performance LLC. If you have any questions please contact us from our contact form