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We are currently offer a Pro Street Tuner class with HDU

HDU & In Dealer Training Pro Street Tuner Training available now

We are the only trainers approved by both Dynojet and Harley-Davidson University®

Pro Street Tuner with Smart Tune Pro used with the matching Screamin Eagle Performance kits is the go to tuner for Street bike performance, and we are the go to training company for Pro Street Tuner Recommended by Harley-Davidson Motor Co®.

For Closed Course Race only motorcycles we offer In Dealer Training in most Race Only tuner products such as Power Vision and Super Tuner class. Please ask us if you are interested in training in another product or check the approate box on the site approval form.

We provide hands-on instruction, at your shop with one of our qualified instructors. We will teach your techs what they need to know to enable your customers bikes to run the best they can. Let us put together a custom training package that meets your needs.

3 days of In Dealer Pro Street Tuner Training with Smart Tune Pro for $5500

  • Includes travel and all trainer expenses
  • Train up to four (4) of your Technicians
  • We provide Pro Street Tuner VCIs for bikes used in class.
  • File structure for saving calibrations to improve efficiency
  • Pro and Cons discussion of other tuning products
  • Dynamometer Sweep, Step and Roll-on testing
  • Care and use of Dynojet Dynamometer including recommend upgrades
  • One year online tech support via members only site
  • One year listed as one of our Recommended Dyno Tuning Centers
  • EFI theory
  • Ignition theory
  • Closed Loop and Adaptive Fuel
  • Lambda/Air Fuel Ratios
  • Blended fuels compared to gasoline
  • Dyno techniques to help prevent damage like discoloring pipes
  • A professional evaluation of Dyno room and equipment
  • Includes access to our members only site
  • Fill out the Site Approval Form to get started