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Looking for Harley EFI tuning or Dynojet Dyno tech support please visit our member site

Your best source for American V-Twin performance EFI training
Specializing in training for Harley-Davidson® using a Dynojet Dynamometer, and most popular tuning devices

Looking for a Dyno Tuner, map, ... for your bike? Find our recommendations are here

We are the only Dyno trainers approved by both Dynojet and Harley-Davidson University®

Daniels Performance provides hands-on instruction, at your shop by one of our qualified instructors. 

  • Training up to four (4) of your Technicians. 

  • 4 days $6000

We will teach you what you need to know to enable your customers bikes to run the best they can. 

Let us put together a custom training package that meets your needs. 

Our HDU approved In-Dealer Super Tuner Training for Harley dealers includes: 


  • Provided ECMs with Super Tuners for bikes used in class 
  • EFI theory 
  • Ignition theory 
  • Closed loop and Adaptive Fuel 
  • Lambda/Air Fuel Ratios 
  • Blended fuels compared to Gasoline 
  • File structure for saving calibrations to improve efficiency 
  • Pro and Cons discussion of other tuning products
  • Dynamometer Sweep, Step and Roll-on testing 
  • Dyno techniques to help prevent damage like discoloring pipes 
  • Care and use of Dynojet Dynamometer including recommend upgrades 
  • A professional evaluation of Dyno room and equipment 
  • One year online tech support
    • Includes access to our members only site including our map data base
  • One year listed as one of our recommended Dyno Tuning Centers


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